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New rules of engagement between institutions and citizen-consumers

Greece and Iran have been, in chronological order, the last two countries to highlight that the laboratory of the enlarged Mediterranean area is once again in extreme excitement.

At the same time, in Europe, the community bureaucracies are more and more shaken by requests for change, while the historical agreement lifting the sanctions on Iran opens new political and economic sceneries in the Eastern Mediterranean, and in the Southern Mediterranean Tunisia, right on the 20th anniversary of the conclusion of its Association Agreement with the European Union,  inaugurates a real crisis-country communication, as a clear sign of the need for a general economic and political response to stabilize the entire region.

Faced with the spread of disheartening images and economic data, countries and institutions batten down the hatches to balance negative country images and to avoid that financial flows for investments and tourism take off to other destinations, in a race to the recovery of the regional economy that raises consumptions and employment, inaugurating new messages and new languages.